Virtual COVID Archive

Vallejo Artists, Musicians and Performers have provided many hours of on-line activities and entertainment …

… and unlike an in-person event, if you miss these when they’re “live’ you can still catch them later. Looking for something to do? Here you go!

Vallejo Museum 2020 Garden tour. The 2021 Tour is scheduled for Sunday, May16

Mor tour information at

Trevor Allen’s “The Creature” Podcast
Think you know the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster? Trevor Allen’s The Creature strips the monster classic of the melodrama and neck-bolts, and instead presents the tale in the style of a classic radio play. Set on a ship in the early 1800s, we’re taken on the journey of Dr. Frankenstein, as he recounts his experiments in re-animation and the monster he eventually brings to life. Listen each week as the team behind The Creature creates an aurally stunning experience using binaural recording technology to relay the story of a brilliant, but ethically questionable scientist, and the monstrous, yet sympathetic, creature he creates. Originally slated to be a staged production in the Dragon’s 2020 season, the project was re-imagined for the audio-only experience due to COVID-19.

El Comalito Collective offers Virtual Paint Parties on Facebook Live every M-W-F at 12pm, also archived HERE. The Virtual On-line Art Galleries are a treat. Also visit their Beyond the Screen artist conversations on Instagram Tuesdays (times vary), and their friend Rosana Alvares’ Hella Chingona Podcast.

Artist Liberty Pierson offers online art classes on her YouTube page and on her web site.

Trevor Allen presents Working For the Mouse, an original audio play.

TJ Walkup Presents Daddy Doodles Doodle Time! Fridays at 10am. All you need is a No.2 pencil and any kind of paper that will take it. Work along with TJ or make your own doodle.

Pato Plays Stuff. Dead Cat Hat band member Pato Milo plays live when it strikes his fancy. Follow his Facebook page to be notified of his performances, or check out his video archives here.

Brian Travis, seen here channeling Robert Plant, performs live on Facebook most Saturdays at 7PM. Catch him Here, or watch his earlier shows here

Check out this podcast by Vallejo’s own Peter BrooksLove in the Time of Covid