Suruki’s Sushi & Teriyaki Grill

Suruki’s is mostly about sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, teriyaki, noodle soups & more. It’s a small place, and everything’s made by hand to order. There’s a lot of standard combinations here, like California Rolls & Unagi rolls and nigiri. On weekdays they have specials worth taking advantage of, and I particularly enjoy their Temaki, or Hand Rolls, their Monday special. The sushi rice has the perfect texture—the rice is slightly bulbous and not dried out. It’s almost meaty in terms of texture, and has that discernible rice vinegar flavor, but certainly not overwhelming.

We got Ahi Poke Hand rolls recently, with a cluster accent of sunflower sprouts and seaweed salad—a great combination. But topped, in my humble opinion, by arguably the best hand roll I’ve ever had, using Grilled Salmon Skin. I have friends who don’t like Salmon skin (even when it’s cooked!) and would throw it away for sea gulls to fight over. They don’t do that when I’m around. Because that Omega-rich salmon fat is one of the best things you can eat, and delicious when grilled to a turn.

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Suzuki’s Sushi & Teriyaki Grill

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Gateway Plaza,145 Plaza Drive #201
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