What’s the Future of South Vallejo? What’s Happening at Magazine & Sonoma?

What's the Future of South Vallejo? What's Happening at Magazine & Sonoma?

We want more housing, but not more expensive housing in a food desert!

The goal from our General Plan is “Shopping and Services Corridors at 13 Intersections”. It says this on 6 Pages and 2 Maps, in order to have Health we need easy access to healthy food.

There are no grocery stores in South Vallejo, however, there are liquor stores on almost every corner. This forces the residents of South Vallejo to stay in their cars (if they own one), or take a day-long bus trip for groceries.

Yet the Planning Commission approved a housing-only project on this parcel. The property owner originally pulled his documentation under the clear message that it would be mixed use, that means housing on top and commercial on the bottom, but somehow it got changed. The rents are going to be market value and above, and our community can’t afford that.

For more information please contact Bishop Bryan Harris AT 707-249-3514 OR pastorbeharris@sbcglobal.net


Date(s) - Sat, May 29, 2021
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


Norman C King Community Center
545 Magazine Street, Vallejo


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