Vallejo Noir with Eddie Muller featuring “Pitfall” (1948)

Vallejo Noir with Eddie Muller featuring "Pitfall" (1948)

The Empress Theater presents the Czar of Noir himself, Eddie Muller, author and host of TCM’s weekly “Noir Alley” for a special one night only! Our evening will begin with cocktails in the Empress Lounge and a book-signing event with Muller’s latest releases presented by the Alibi Bookshop. Eddie will then be joined in conversation by musician-historian Nick Rossi on stage at the Empress Theater, exploring the dark world of Film Noir and introducing the evening’s feature film “Pitfall”.

“Pitfall” was an independent film originally released in the summer of 1948 starring Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, and Vallejo’s own Raymond Burr. Directed by André de Toth, it was based on a 1947 novel by Oscar nominated screenwriter Jay Dratler and is often included as one of the most essential films in Film Noir. Our evening will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the film’s release.


Date(s) - Fri, Dec 15, 2023
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Empress Theatre
330 Virginia St., Vallejo



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