Touro University California’s Diversity Now Webinar Series:

Touro University California's Diversity Now Webinar Series:

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Diversity Now, brought to you by The Graduate School of Education (GSOE) at Touro University California (TUC), is a series of informative and courageous conversations about what it means for education to live diversity in 2020. The re-imagining of our educational system is a collateral necessity of the coronavirus, civil unrest and social disruption that has accompanied this moment in time, and with it comes the call for diversity now. Hosted by Dr. Ijeoma Ononuju, Coordinator of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusive Education program, the weekly webinars will cover a variety of subjects, all to stimulate thinking and action about how our schools should live diversity for 2020 and beyond.

July 29, 3:30pm (PST): Building a Pipeline for Black Male Teacher Success – A Local Response

The GSOE at TUC invites you to a panel discussion providing a local response to the  California Council on Teacher Education’s recent “Building a Pipeline for Black Male Teacher Success” webinar (view original webinar at  Join the GSOE’s panel of esteemed school leaders, as they discuss the original panel and what TUC and the local community are doing to address this important issue.

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August 5, 3:30pm: Schooling During a Crisis – Steps for Successful Hybrid Learning Environments

Join the GSOE at TUC for their first of two “Schooling During a Crisis” webinars. When this pandemic first hit there wasn’t time for schools to prepare for what was going to happen for the remainder of the school year. However, with the summer break school leaders have both an opportunity and the responsibility to carefully plan to ensure that the remote learning during the 2020-21 school year is well designed and thought out. This session will explore how school leaders can begin to make preparations to ensure their remote teaching and learning provides instructional continuity for students.

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August 12, 3:30pm (PST): Equity and Equality

Isn’t equity just another way of saying equality? The GSOE at TUC invites you to a discussion, which aims to set the record straight about the difference between equity and equality. Join us to discuss the importance of having policies and practices that reflect both equity and equality in K-12 schooling.

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August 19, 3:30pm (PST): Equity in K-12 Remote Learning and Students with Disabilities 

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August 26, 3:30pm (PST): Scholar Activism

What does it mean to live and embody the values of scholar-activism? James Baldwin said that for those of us “who deal with the minds and hearts of young people – must be prepared to ‘go for broke.’” The GSOE at TUC invites you to join us for a panel of self-identifying scholar-activists as they discuss scholar-activism and the “determined resistance” that opposes it.

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September 2, 3:30pm (PST): Schooling During a Crisis – Pandemic Pedagogy Beyond Triage

Join the GSOE at TUC for their second of two “Schooling During a Crisis” webinars.  The crisis during the second half of the 2019-20 school year was an emergency. Like any emergency, teachers triaged their individual situation and made decisions about how to maintain some measure of instructional continuity for their students.  This situation often placed demands on the home that parents were unprepared and unable to accommodate.  This session will explore ways that teachers can better design, deliver, and support the remote instruction that is expected for much of the 2020-21 school year; as well as how parents can begin to prepare for the school year to best support their children.

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September 9, 3:30pm (PST): Grace in Schools During the Pandemic

In 2015, President Barack Obama stated that “‘Grace is not merited. It’s not something we deserve. Rather, grace is free and benevolent favor.” The GSOE at TUC invites you to join us to discuss the idea of grace, and the expression of grace, as a moral and spiritual necessity for inclusive and equitable leadership.

September 16, 3:30pm (PST): Equi-Centricity 

All leadership is equity leadership. However, leaders are often left with little time to reflect on how their identity and experiences shape their approach to issues of equity. Without that awareness, leaders are constantly in a reactive state and are unable to understand how their biases affect their responses. As leaders, we can’t disrupt inequities if we don’t understand our relationship to them. Leading for equity isn’t about reforms, it’s about disrupting the status quo and showing up authentically. Join the GSOE at TUC and a panel of educational leaders to examine how this disruption can be achieved through an Equicentricity model.

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September 23, 3:30pm (PST): Gender and the Mask 
As schools prepare to reopen, each person has a set of shared human needs – for support, expression, recognition, meaning, and connection. By closing the gap between who we are on the inside and who we show up as at school online or onsite, we create more meaningful connections, healthier communication, deeper engagement – and ultimately more powerful results. Join the GSOE at TUC and an invited panel to gain a simple, straightforward tool to help start courageous conversations about the social-emotional well-being of your community.

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September 30, 3:30pm (PST): Diverse Educator Network

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