Mysteries of the Natural World: BATS – with NorCal Bats

“Mysteries of the Natural World – BATS!” Is the final night in our special Sunday series, as part of our NightMARE Island programming!

The sharp fangs, pointy devil ears and spooky black vampire wings are staples of Halloween, but the legend of the bloodthirsty bat drives the folks who study the winged creatures batty! This presentation will dispel misperceptions, you’ll learn the importance of bats in our environment, and you’ll get a much broader appreciation for our flying friends! We’re excited to have bat expert Corky Quirk with us for the first time, from NorCal Bats.

Corky founded of NorCal Bats and is an educator and wildlife rescuer/rehabilitator. She puts on an excellent presentation including live, non-releasable, native bats as ambassadors. You’ll learn about their natural history and biology.

Contrary to popular myth, there are no bats in California that suck blood, human or otherwise. The tiny, beady-eyed beasts are not blind, either. For that matter, they aren’t big spreaders of rabies and, get this, they aren’t even rodents. Maybe by the end of Corky’s presentation you’ll you’ll be convinced to build your own bat house!

Hint: As primary predators of night-flying insects, bats play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. A single little brown bat can catch 1,200 mosquito-sized insects in an hour, and big brown bats are important predators of some of America’s most costly crop pests. Cucumber beetles, June beetles, bark beetles, stink bugs, leafhoppers, cutworm moths, corn earworm moths, armyworm moths, termites, assassin bugs, ants, roaches, crickets, and grasshoppers are just some of the many pests known to be consumed by America’s bats. Yet, bat populations are in alarming decline due to decades of unwarranted human fear and persecution.

This is a very family-friendly event! The presentation is at 6:00pm, with Q&A afterwards. (Inside the Visitor’s Center). For more information contact or call the Event Hotline at 707-241-4285. Advance tickets will be available soon, or you can make a donation at the door.

About NorCalBats:
NorCalBats is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats throughout Northern California. In addition, we are committed to public education regarding the environmental benefits of bats and dispelling fears and myths that lead to the death of roosts and colonies. They are based in Davis.

For more information on NightMARE Island, check here!

Date(s) - Sun, Oct 29, 2017
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Mare Island Preserve Visitor Center
167 O’Hara Ct. at Azuar Ave. , Vallejo

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