Meet Your Guidance Animal – A Letting Go Art Experience

Meet Your Guidance Animal - A Letting Go Art Experience
Use acrylic paint to express your imagination from a meditation where you will encounter with your current guide animal.

In this workshop, you will be given a meditation that will take you on a short journey. Whatever comes up from this experience will be your inspiration to paint with acrylics on mixed media paper.

No experience necessary. All materials included. 18 yrs old and older.

Location: Mare Island Art Studios

This workshop is a part of The Letting Go Experience: Have you ever used art as a way to process what’s going on within Your Self?

In each event or workshop, I invite you to come make art in a safe environment, to surrender to the process of being in a state of flow, to embrace the unknown, the unexpected, the wonders of doing art without expectation or judgment. This is the Letting Go Experience, where there’s no wrong doing, no comparison, no step-by-step lessons. This is the ultimate freedom, where you allow yourself to go where your heart desires, where you can use art as a way to process whatever it is that comes up to you in this present moment.

DISCLOSURE: By making this purchase I grant Priscila Soares/The Letting Go Experience my permission to use any and all photographs taken at this event which can be used for but not limited for: publicity, advertising, future event promotion or web content. Furthermore, I understand there will be no compensation for such use. Priscila Soares/The Letting Go Experience understands that there are special circumstances and will be happy to accommodate with prior notification of the event.


Date(s) - Sat, Sep 30, 2023
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Mare Island Art Studios
110 Pintado St., Mare Island, Vallejo


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