Introduction to Advanced Composting Methods- Thermophilic Composting

Introduction to Advanced Composting Methods- Thermophilic Composting
Join us for a hands on class to build a compost pile, setting it up for the 6-week process of thermophilic composting

Finishing off our 3-class series on composting, this class will be an interactive opportunity for participants to learn about how to start a thermophilic compost pile and the benefits of this more maintenance-heavy form of composting, which breaks down pathogens and weed seeds with the help of the correct organic matter. a turning schedule which is aimed at supporting every inch of the pile getting time in the center, so it can heat up to a temperature much higher than we see with more traditional compost methods.

The first class of this series will be a Composting 101 class, suitable for people who want to start composting but have little prior knowledge on how, and the second class, Compost Troubleshooting and Introduction to Worm Composting will cover common compost mistakes or mishaps, and worm bins.

The instructor, Michael Wegdley of Soilogical, will guide us through this class. Using his advanced knowledge on soil biology, Michael will educate us on the benefits of thermophilic composting, the kinds of materials needed for a pile, and how to turn the pile for the maximum results. As it usually takes around 6-weeks for the organic matter to turn in to compost, we will offer opportunities for class participants to return to the site and help us turn the pile and maintain it.

This class is funded by Solano County. Please email with any questions.


Date(s) - Sat, May 25, 2024
11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Vallejo Peoples Garden
1055 Azuar Dr., Vallejo, CA 94590, Vallejo


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