Lecture: Historic Mare Island Naval prison – Old 84

Lecture: Historic Mare Island Naval prison - Old 84

Join historian and journalist Brendan Riley as he describes another Mare Island legacy. The Navy’s first land-based prison was built on Mare Island in 1868, and that prison soon became infamous throughout the fleet. The Navy was in transition from a time when ship’s officers punished errant sailors by flogging them with a “cat o’ nine tails.” Following an 1850 congressional ban on flogging, the Navy experimented with alternative punishments, but it soon became clear a land-based prison system was needed.

Reserve your seat now in Mare Island’s historic Saint Peter’s Chapel as Brendan walks us back to a time when armed Marine guards oversaw prison work crews and search parties rode through the North Bay in search of escapees.


Date(s) - Sun, Jan 21, 2024
3:00 pm



St. Peter’s Chapel
1181 Walnut Avenue, Mare Island, Vallejo


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