“Generations” Filipinos of Vallejo documentary

"Generations" Filipinos of Vallejo documentary

Generations is a feature length documentary film about the unique Filipino-American immigrant story in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Vallejo, California.

Directed, shot, and edited by TJ Walkup

When you think “the Greatest Generation” we think of WWII, when some one sings “Talking about my Generation” we think the sixties, if its Generation X it’s likely the Boomers kids living through the tail end of the cold war and the end of the USSR. Now when you think “Generations the movie think of waves over time of Filipinos coming to and being born in Vallejo” think of the contributions of a mixed & rich cultural group that has enriched the city of Vallejo. There is not one story.

TJ Walkup weaves multiple first-hand accounts of Vallejo Filipinos, from respected Manongs & Manangs Uncles & Aunties who came to Vallejo, made families here, started businesses, ran clubs, guided spiritually, and saw events of history first hand. The witnesses speak in their own voicse and tell us about being Filipino in Vallejo.


Date(s) - Fri, Mar 8, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:45 pm



332 Georgia Street, Vallejo


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