Bay Area Cinema #6

Bay Area Cinema #6

Bay Area Cinema, a free pop-up microcinema showcasing underrepresented filmmakers, will screen 11 short films from a variety of genres (animation, documentary, music videos, narrative, and experimental) which explore themes such as environmental, human interest, and BIPOC/ethnic. A Q&A with filmmakers follows the screening on Friday, July 12th, 2024 during the Vallejo Art Walk at the River Bank 332 Georgia Street, doors open at 6:30pm show from 7-9pm.

The show will feature the film B I D L A by Amanda Eke.Amanda Eke is a Nigerian American Artist, Spoken Word Poet, Film-Maker, and Educator. Unable to read until she was 7, she has forged a career as an artist in many mediums and has helped so many discover their own “voice” through her work.

She has won numerous awards including a Fulbright Fellowship for her scholarship and a UN (United Nations) Award for her artistry work. She uses her love for writing, film and music to address socio- political issues, and contemporary culture prevalent in society today.

“Bidla” means “change” in Maltese. This film explores the controversial musical fusion of Ghana (traditional Maltese folk music) with hip-hop on the Mediterranean island of Malta, and through the lenses of hip-hop artists, cultural anthropologists, and traditionalists in the present day. The practitioners of the musical fusion argue that, although it began as an “underground” musical phenomenon, it has since emerged as a genre more popular than Ghana alone, and has the virtue of helping to keep Ghana alive, the latter otherwise tending to fade away at present. Traditionalists, in the contrary, reject the idea that traditional Maltese folk music should need help from a foreign genre to “justify” its continued existence.


Date(s) - Fri, Jul 12, 2024
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


332 Georgia Street, Vallejo


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