Baxter Robertson

Baxter Robertson

Baxter trained at UCLA, graduating with a degree in composition. Early in his career, Baxter recorded several records for major labels including RCA, Atlantic and ATCO. Baxter has spent his entire career as a composer and performer, placing his compositions in television and major motion pictures. A well-accomplished musician playing both strings and keys, his early career featured his guitar work as a frontman.

He spends most of his time now behind the keyboard. His first release was the EP Panorama View. Baxter’s sophomore release Vanishing Point II, followed by Mere Mortals. You won’t find Panorama View on CD, and it’s equally hard to get in any digital form. Vanishing Point II is a truly rare find on CD while Mere Mortals enjoyed a decent print run on CD. Lyrically Baxter Robertson’s songs focused on situations and concepts rather than simple doting love songs. When Baxter did approach love, those songs were poetically sincere; almost diametrical to the fun-loving spirit he displays in real life.


Date(s) - Wed, Dec 6, 2023
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