Alibi Bookshop Presents: Dustin Kiskaddon: “Blood and Lightning: On Becoming a Tattooer”

Alibi Bookshop Presents: Dustin Kiskaddon: "Blood and Lightning: On Becoming a Tattooer"

Please join us Friday, March 1st at 6:30 pm for a very special author event with Dustin Kiskaddon, cultural sociologist and former tattoo artist for the debut of his book, “Blood and Lightning: On Becoming a Tattooer.”

“Any tattoo is the outcome of an intimate, often hidden process. The people, bodies, and money that make tattooing what it is blend together and form a heady cocktail, something described by Matt, the owner of Oakland’s Premium Tattoo, as “blood and lightning.”

“Dustin Kiskaddon draws on his own apprenticeship with Matt and takes us behind the scenes into the complex world of professional tattooers. Having tattooed more than five hundred people, Kiskaddon is able to freshly articulate the physical, mental, emotional, and moral life of tattooers… Kiskaddon guides us through a strangely familiar world, inviting each of us to become a tattooer along the way.”

And the reviews are glowing:

” Blood and Lightning is a stellar and vivid depiction of an industry that has long been mythologized in popular culture. Kiskaddon’s memoir offers a candid perspective on both the business and creative sides of tattooing. As it dives into a cultural rite of passage, Kiskaddon’s work also excels as a character study.”– Booklist

“In Blood and Lightning, we don’t just enter the silent and physical spaces within the world of tattooing, instead the spaces are lived, examined, and connected to our humanity. Kiskaddon shows how tattoos, like history and storytelling itself, can evolve depending on the body or the world they occupy.”–Devin Katayama, Senior Producer for NPR’s Throughline

“Written in an easygoing style, Kiskaddon’s narrative ends up as much a workplace memoir as an anthropological study.. It’s a charming and thoughtful slice of life.”– Publishers Weekly

A reception will follow the reading, so come out and make a night of it. We’re excited! See you March 1st!


Date(s) - Fri, Mar 1, 2024
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


Alibi Bookshop
624 Marin St., Vallejo


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