2nd NightMARE Island Film Competition

This is the 2nd year for the film competition, at Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve, part of the annual NightMARE Island, an annual fundraiser for the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve.

Last year, we had screened some amazing short films to a sold out room. Everyone that presented a film had the opportunity to talk about their film, the process, and received amazing questions and feedback from the audience.

This year, the same thing, anyone is welcome to submit a scary, thriller, suspenseful, or chilling 10 minute short film or less, for the chance to be entered into the 2nd NightMARE Island Film Indie Horror Film Competition!

Tickets available soon – keep checking!

For the Filmmakers:

**Entries will be collected until the 28th of September.**
Submit your entry here: www.filmfreeway.com/festival/2ndNightMAREIslandFilmCompetition

-Films may have been screened elsewhere, prior.
-Films MUST be 10 minutes or less.
-Films MUST be in on due date, September 21st. No films will be accepted beyond that date, regardless.
-Entry fee must be paid, in order for film to be considered, even if entered, on time.
-Film entry forms MUST be completely filled with all information required, or entry will be subject to being dropped.
-You will be given (1) guaranteed ticket to the film screening and the Haunted house attraction.
*You must be able to attend the film competition, October 21st, if you do not attend the event and your film is entered, if no one is there to represent your film, your film will be disqualified, immediately.
**The “International Fright” category is the ONLY category you can enter if you indicate that you are NOT able to be physically present at the competition on October 21st. If your film is selected to compete, it will only be judged within the “International Fright” category of the competition, and not eligible to be judged within any other categories.

Happy filmmaking and good luck!

Awards for the following categories:

Best Actor/Actress
Grand Jury Prize 1, 2 and 3.
Audience Favorite
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Producer’s Award
Honorable Mention
Best Script or Story
Best Director
Best Special FX
Best Supporting Actor/Actress
***NEW*** International Fright!

Last year, winners got to take home photo cards with their films printed onto the limited edition photos, taken by festival director, Jessica Brown!

Please contact Jessica Brown, NightMARE Island Film Competition Director, at 707-641-3375 or email her at NightMAREFilmCompVallejo@gmail.com for questions about the film competition.

For other questions about NightMARE Island, please contact Sarah Cain, Director, NightMARE Island, at 707-241-4285 or email her at digtheundertaker@gmail.com


Date(s) - Fri, Oct 21, 2016
6:00 pm


Mare Island Preserve Visitor Center
167 O’Hara Ct. at Azuar Ave. , Vallejo


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