At The Hub 2/2/14 photo by Sean Murdock


At The Hub 2/2/14 photo by Sean Murdock
Art Connector meeting at The Hub. Photo by Sean Murdock

In November of 2013,  a group of artists who would become the Vallejo Arts Alliance met to collaborate on creating a brighter future for downtown Vallejo. It was decided to build a central web site to publish information about our events and activities, both to keep each other informed and to promote Vallejo to the outside world.

This is that web site.

Our  goal is to provide the most awesome Events Calendar and Directory of Cultural Resources for Vallejo, and to promote it widely throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This site currently offers:

  • A comprehensive and searchable Events Calendar
  • Listings for Cultural Resources, promoting  educational and community organizations
  • RSS and iCal feeds allow you to automatically receive event listing on your computer, mobile device or web site.

This site will promote neither political candidates nor groups with a religious agenda. Our goal is to be accessible to all kinds of people. There are some gray areas – for example, a Jazz concert at the local Zen Center or a Gospel show at a church may listed for the music. We’ll do out best to exercise discretion in what we choose to publish.

Gretchen Zimmermann
Gretchen Zimmermann – Photo by SN Jacobson

The site is currently managed by Gretchen Zimmermann of Gardenside Studio, with the occasional help of a few volunteers.

As of July 2014, all work on this site has been 100% volunteer. The site hosting, theme development and domain registration are all donated. The continued growth and maintenance of this site is a huge undertaking. In order for it to be sustainable it needs to start giving back  to its creators. The next steps are to:

  • Launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the next phase of development.
  • Develop printed materials – postcards and fliers – to get the word out beyond downtown.
  • Seek out advertisers and sponsors for banner ads and other promotional spots on the site.
  • Launch new promotional campaigns to spread the word beyond downtown Vallejo.
  • Continue to develop and refine the contents, appearance and usefulness of the site.


In 2022 we partnered with the Vallejo Sun to expand our audience and share advertising capacity.

Terms of Use

Event feeds and listings on this site are free to use for personal or non-commercial purposes. Event listings copied or obtained by feed from this site may be reproduced publicly for commercial purposes only by prior arrangement and with proper attribution or a monetary subscription. We can offer subscribers customized feeds that display only certain types of events.




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