Vallejo, CA. We like it here.

Vallejo, CA. We like it here.

This is Vallejo
‘This Is Vallejo’ (TIV) is a visual-storytelling project that uses multi-media to help a city remember itself. By spotlighting different perspectives and amplifying voices left out of mainstream media, TIV challenges the negative perception of a mid-sized Northern Californian city and, ultimately, all cities (mis)known for their “decline”.


5/23/2014   This is Vallejo  Vallejo Brewing Interview and Photo Tour 

Let’s just face the facts, for most folks, Vallejo isn’t a destination town. Besides a day trip to Marine World (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for our out-of-town readers), it’s plausible that the city by the bay is a defunct amusement park away from being reduced to a roadside pit-stop on a well-trodden Napa Valley route. However, there’s an absorbing “cool thing” brewing in Vallejo: an economic resurgence downtown; collaboration between fresh entrepreneurs and longtime business leaders, and a more small-business-friendly local government. But there’s something particularly special that’s got people buzzing around town, our very own artisan brewery. A brewery that is brewing more than just beer. […]

 03/04/2014 Vallejo Times Herald  Vallejo artist William Sievert sees promise downtown

“Vallejo’s truly in a period of transition,” said Sievert, a Detroit native who knows what it’s like for a city to be down on its luck. Affordable rents have attracted artists, he said, and the upshot is the potential for new cultural and commercial energy. […]

2/4/14 Vallejo Times Herald  Regular downtown Vallejo Art Walk to start on Valentine’s Day
When Vallejo artist Sean Murdock got involved in Art Murmur, he said its location on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland was not a place you wanted to be on a Friday night. Several years later, Oakland’s regular First Friday Art Walks have exploded with art, people and new shops, he said, adding he wants to bring the same energy to downtown Vallejo now seeing a resurgence through art. […]

2/2/14 Vallejo Times Herald   Vallejo artists, residents pool ideas to improve downtown
The Hub in downtown Vallejo was bustling with ideas Saturday night as about 100 people gathered to create an arts organization […]

At The Hub 2/2/14 photo by Sean Murdock

Arts and Commumity meeting at The Hub 2/1/2014 photo by Sean Murdock

1/26/14  Vallejo Independent Bulletin  A Little Blob of Sunshine
I had a fun evening in downtown Vallejo last night. Now, don’t accuse Yours Truly of suddenly turning into some sorta Pollyanna Lemon Drop or anything. I’m still as cynical and dour as ever. And no, I haven’t been drinking. […]

1/16/2014  SF Gate  New bookstore Koham Press opens in Vallejo
Every city needs a bookstore, just as every person needs a heart, and so there is good news today for Vallejo: The Solano County city that emerged from a three-year bankruptcy in 2011 has a new independent bookstore. […]
Photos of the opening by ibvallejo

1/6/2014 Vallejo Times Herald   Bookstore ushers in downtown revival’s latest chapter
A long-time complaint that Vallejo has no bookstore can now be put on mute. […]

12/27/2013  Vallejo Times Herald   Downtown Vallejo, a changing artist palette in 2013 with revitalization efforts
If downtown Vallejo could be thought of as a painting then 2013 was the year the area got a lot of brush strokes to help complete the picture. An influx of new artists moving in, plus the opening of […]

11/9/2013 San Francisco Chronicle   Vallejo sees influx of artists from pricier areas
Standing on an almost-empty sidewalk in downtown Vallejo at noon Tuesday, Erin Bakke peered in the window of a vacant shop at a whimsical sculpture crafted from found items. […]

11/08/2013  Vallejo Times Herald   Artists emerge for fourth Vallejo Open Studios
Vallejo may have a reputation for brushes with the law, but for this weekend, it’s about a brush of a different sort. And “getting framed” is nothing but positive. The annual Vallejo Open Studios  […]

04/30/2013  Vallejo Times Herald   Downtown artist opens store specializing in drawing, painting supplies
An arts supply store has opened across the street from Temple Art Lofts in downtown Vallejo. Painter Jeff Snell has set aside a portion of his live/work spot for an art supply store called miniArt, […]



03/22/2014 Vallejo, We’ve got a Problem

There’s an emerging art scene in Vallejo, and a number of efforts aimed at community-building. There are many problems facing us as we try to build a better future for the entire community, and here I’ve tried address a few of them in an effort at consciousness-raising.

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