To All My Relation: A Four-Year Cycle – Hector Villegas Opening Reception

“To All My Relation: A Four-Year Cycle” was envisioned by artist, Hector Villegas,during the mural restoration project of Chicano Park in 2012. Part of this vision was to exhibit outside of his hometown of San Diego, California. El Comalito collective is part of the impetus to complete this cycle and vision. Today, Hector shares with us creations from the past four years of his professional journey. This show includes acrylic pieces and high quality, giclée prints on watercolor paper from his December 2015 solo show, “A Native Chicano Focus in a Pixelated World,” as well as the unveiling of new work yet to be displayed elsewhere. Please join Hector Villegas and El Comalito Collective for a night full of color, conscience and culture, as he reminds us, “art is visual medicine for the heart, mind and spirit.”

Artist Bio

Hector Villegas is a first generation Chicano from Barrio Logan in San Diego, California. The youngest of five siblings, he was raised in a humble, low-income, single-family home. As a young man and teen, Hector faced plenty of adversity and hardship in the Barrio, which was riddled with gangs and poverty. Quick-witted and determined, he survived the gang and prison life after countless years of strife.

Hector’s indigenous Cora and Huichol blood are a gift from his parents, who are from Nayarit and Jalisco, Mexico, respectively. His calling as an educator, artist, community organizer and activist is rooted deep in his veins. He teaches Native/Mexicano/Chicano art, history and culture, and has facilitated young men’s circles since 1998. In addition, Hector is a theater actor with a Chican@ comedy troupe, Teatro Izcalli, since 1999.

Currently, Hector is a full time artist and muralist and shares a studio and gallery with other local artists. You can see some of his murals displayed at the historic Chicano Park. He captivates audiences with colorful paint strokes of Native Chicano traditional art, yet through a contemporary lens. His works are spiritually nostalgic, drawing upon the vibrancy of ancestral teachings as lived in the present.

“My intention is to bring back images that tell stories of our culture and to educate people about our rich history and struggle. My inspiration and purpose is to continue the tradition, ceremony, language and history passed on to me by my elders, as was to them by their elders before them, through art, murals and our way of life.”

Additionally, he is an active member of the Chicano Park steering Committee, Barrio Logan Planning Group, Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District, and the forthcoming Chicano Park Museum. Paramount to all of Hector Villegas’ achievements, he is blessed as the father of two beautiful girls, Cuicani Quetzal and Yollotli Huitzilac.

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Date(s) - Fri, Aug 12, 2016
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

El Comalito Collective
302 Georgia Street, Vallejo

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