Stephanie Foster

Stephanie Foster Bunny

Stefcentrik Artz When I was a little girl my mother could not afford to buy Play-Doh, she used house hold materials to make our own at home. I enjoyed playing with it and drawing as well. Convinced as a young adult that I would gain a bachelors in science, I took an elective ceramics class to ease my mind. I fell in love with the material, I bought a kiln, a wheel and one book. I taught myself to throw… Continue reading

Gary Cullen

Mare Island Revisited is the work of amateur photographer Gary Cullen. Gary, who was born and raised in Vallejo, witnessed first hand the Islands pageantry during the early years of his life, only to witness first hand the eventual mismanagement. He has captured the abandonment, the neglect, and finally the decay in his dark, cold photos…  Gary is a self-taught photographer. Having recently retired, after thirty-four years as a Registered Nurse in the local community, Gary started focusing on his passion… Continue reading

Daniel Chase

“I am a storyteller, photography is a rendering of my mind’s eye, and the perception of reality is skewed by the abstraction of form and line.I look for the beauty within and draw inspiration from the character of my subjects. My projects often consist of multiple works connected around specific themes or concepts. Although different sets of work are not always linked by subject matter, my methodology is consistent. I generally work within a narrow color pallet while juxtaposing texture… Continue reading

Chad Clevenger

Local Actor Stars in Northwest Premiere of  The Maltese Falcon Concord – Bay Area actor Chad Clevenger of Vallejo, California has been selected by Berkeley based Butterfield 8 Theater Company to play the coveted role of Samuel Spade in the San Francisco/Northwest premier of The Maltese Falcon, by Dashiell Hammett, authorized adaptation by Helen Borgers, as authorized by the Dashiell Hammett Estate. The Maltese Falcon, published in 1930, written and takes place in San Francisco, was produced for film twice under… Continue reading

Jean Cherie

Jean Cherie

Although I love sculpting, I find it impossible to be confined to just one medium, or one style. I know it looks like a group show in my studio………..but, it’s just me, Jean Cherie, following my muse(s)! My love and ease with versatility comes from my early years working in  “Hollywood” as a studio sculptor. Collaborating with production designers, art directors, engineers, directors, actors, AND other sculptors helped to hone my skills while smoothing my ego. From tiny design macquettes… Continue reading

O Yeah Toys

Magnolia Starship

Astro Botanicals are giant inflatable decorations made by O Yeah Toys in Vallejo, California. Stan Clark has been designing and making soft sculpture for several years, and the small toys have evolved into large, magical, illuminated sacred flower lamps. This small business is developing a foundation in Vallejo, and will soon be distributing decorations to event rentals companies across the country. Continue reading

miniArt / Jeff Snell Art

Jeff Snell Art

miniArt carries good quality art materials for students and professionals alike: Prices on oil and acrylic paints are the cheapest in the area! Brushes for every budget whether you use watercolors, acrylics, gouache or oils. Mediums and thinners, gesso and grounds. Many sizes of canvas boards and a few canvases along with multimedia pads and watercolor blocks. drawing and charcoal/pastel pads, as well as moleskin painting and drawing books and black journals. Professional quality pencils and charcoal and some markers too.… Continue reading

Obtainium Works

“THAT STEAM MAY BE USED FOR GOOD AND NOT EVIL” Obtainium Works is the home base of the Hibernian Academy of UnNatural Sciences, based in Vallejo, California. Located in downtown Vallejo, it is an on-going Do It Yourself (DIY) group of tinkerers, gearheads, and steam bohemians who fabricate steam-powered art out of repurposed industrial detritus. We are loosely based on the works of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and other Victorian-era writers who created an imaginary world where steam technology was… Continue reading

Moonfish Artworks

moonfish artworks

Moonfish Artworks is a mosaic art studio and gallery in downtown Vallejo founded by artist Sophia Othman. Moonfish offers professional services for the design, fabrication, and installation of custom architectural mosaics and sculpture. The work blends practical, whimsical, cosmic and elemental themes to bring luminous grace to residential, commercial, and public spaces. Open by appointment: 723 Marin St, Vallejo, Ca (510) 415 3916 Continue reading

Gretchen Zimmermann aka Zoey Grey

How Do I Look?

Gretchen Zimmermann works under the pseudonym of Zoey Grey. She lives and works in Vallejo. She freelances in the tech sector and creates whimsical works with social/political bent. Zoey Grey uses a variety of media and found objects to create her pieces. This piece is a commentary on the state of data mining and the lack of privacy and free choice in the digital age. Continue reading

The Coal Shed Studios

Coal Shed Studios

The historic Coal Sheds building on the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard provides individual creative work spaces for 17 artists working in a variety of media such as wood, metalworking, photography, sculpture, painting and printmaking. The Coal Shed is gallery space is open to the public  only during shows and Open Studios. See the Event listings for details. Bldg 153, 4th St & Waterfront, Mare Island   Continue reading

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