McCree-Goudeau Gallery

McCree Goudeau Gallery

The McCree-Goudeau Gallery is a commercial fine art gallery located in Vallejo’s downtown Art District. It exhibits a wide and diverse body of creative works, from International to emerging artists. The goal of the gallery is to bring a collective force of artistic energy from its artists on display to the delight of a broad audience.

Cleven Goodie Goudeau 1932-2015

930 Marin Street, Vallejo, California 94590
(707) 246-4991

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miniArt / Jeff Snell Art

Jeff Snell Art

miniArt carries good quality art materials for students and professionals alike:

  • Prices on oil and acrylic paints are the cheapest in the area!
  • Brushes for every budget whether you use watercolors, acrylics, gouache or oils.
  • Mediums and thinners, gesso and grounds.
  • Many sizes of canvas boards and a few canvases along with multimedia pads and watercolor blocks.
  • drawing and charcoal/pastel pads, as well as moleskin painting and drawing books and black journals.
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Opus in Oils

Opus in Oils

Opus in Oils, @ 623 Marin Street in Vallejo, specializes in drawing, painting and papier-mache.
Art classes for children, teens and seniors are ongoing.
Contact gallery owner Stefanie Hannan at 707-656-3150 or (function(){var ml=”k3.f2orDhSc4syHtaCFl0eniAm-%E”,mi=”K1A@K4D:C@@FF@FK;D=@8552:5IK1AK4B@K1L”,o=””;for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

The W.O.R.K.S

The W.O.R.K.S.

437 Georgia St.,
Vallejo, CA 94590

Thomas Wojak
Phone: 707 557 3400
Fax: 707 557 0651
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Moonfish Artworks

moonfish artworks

Moonfish Artworks is a mosaic art studio and gallery in downtown Vallejo founded by artist Sophia Othman. Moonfish offers professional services for the design, fabrication, and installation of custom architectural mosaics and sculpture. The work blends practical, whimsical, cosmic and elemental themes to bring luminous grace to residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Open by appointment:

723 Marin St, Vallejo, Ca
(510) 415 3916

Design by David

Design by David

Furniture, artwork and jewelry  made from upcycled materials.
recycle * reuse* reinvent
More information coming soon.

336 Georgia St.
Vallejo, CA 94590

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The Coal Shed Studios

Coal Shed Studios

The historic Coal Sheds building on the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard provides individual creative work spaces for 17 artists working in a variety of media such as wood, metalworking, photography, sculpture, painting and printmaking.

The Coal Shed is gallery space is open to the public  only during shows and Open Studios. See the Event listings for details.

Bldg 153, 4th St & Waterfront, Mare Island


Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum

old mare island

The Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum preserves and exhibits the diverse and exciting history of the City of Vallejo and the former U.S. Naval Shipyard at Mare Island . The Museum is located in Vallejo ‘s historic Old City Hall and features five galleries devoted to community and U.S. Navy history.

Additionally, the Museum sponsors educational and cultural programs that include group tours, concerts and recitals in our Heritage Chamber, lectures, audio-visual presentations, and others special events for the benefit … Continue reading